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Piazza Università 2, 95131 Catania, Italy

The General Studium of Catania was founded between 1434 and 1444 as a “compensation" towards the city of Catania when Palermo was chosen as the new capital of Sicily. Since Prince Alfonso of Aragona guaranteed the “institution privilege" in 1434 the date has traditionally been considered as the foundation year of the University of Catania. The beginning of its activities historically coincides with the sermon “De Laude Scientiarum" held by the Dominican Geremia on the 26th of July 1445. The humanistic studies have originally been playing an important role within the new cultural institution.

Since 1977 the Faculty of Humanities is located in the former Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo l’Arena, an imposing XVI century building. Owing a wide book patrimony including highly valuable texts collected in the Faculty Library.

The Faculty includes five Departments  (Human Sciences; Modern Philology; Archaeological, philological and historical Studies; European Studies; Cultural Human and Territorial Sciences), thirteen different programs (Classical and Modern Humanities, Classical Philology, Modern Philology, Philosophy, History of Philosophy, an undergraduate three-years program in Communication Studies, and a graduate program in Cultures and Languages for Communication; the undergraduate three-years program in Cultural Heritage Sciences in Siracusa, the graduate programs in Valorisation of Archaeological Heritage, Valorisation of Archival and Librarian Heritage, an undergraduate three-years program in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Psychology, Contemporary History) and six Ph. D. Programs  among which the ones in Geography and History of Culture, Man and Territory in the modern and contemporary age.