What is TEMA+ like?

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From TEMA to TEMA+
Heritage and Development is a renewed and developed version of the TEMA European Territories: Identity and Development Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) that has been launched in 2010, founded by the European Commission.
TEMA+ European Territories - Heritage and Development
TEMA+ is a two-year long (120 ECTS) bilingual (English and French) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Course, coordinated from Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, in cooperation with the European Heritage Label (EHL) and different UNESCO organs. The mobility tracks of the students are divided among the coordinating university (Semester 1) and the four partner universities (École des Hautes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, University of Catania, Charles University, Prague and Université Laval, Quebec for Semester 2-3 and chosen individually for Semester 4 among the five universities). The consortium awards students with double or multiple degrees, all accredited on national level.
TEMA+ wishes to provide better understanding of the growing importance of cultural heritage in a European context by applying a multinational, interdisciplinary approach that none of the existing Master degrees in any European university can offer.
The application for the TEMA+ and for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship is open from November 7, 2019 until March 10, 2020. Application deadline for the TEMA+ as self-funded student is June 21, 2020. Self-funded students residing in Europe can apply until August 8, 2020. More information about the admission requirements.
Three student intakes, from 2018 until 2020, will be funded and during this time, prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarships might be awarded to the best students coming from all over the world. Application deadline for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for intake 2020-2021 is February 23, 2020. Several other scholarships are available for candites. More information about them here: https://mastertema.eu/other-scholarships/
2 Years
Curriculum Theory & Practice
5 Universities
TEMA+ Consortium: Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest (Hungary) - École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales of Paris (France) University of Catania (Italy) Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Laval of Québec (Canada).
Multiple Degrees
In each partner country the TEMA+ Master Course is fully recognized as an accredited Master’s program in History or Social Sciences.
20 students/year
The TEMA+ welcomes at least 20 students from Programme and Partner countries per year.
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