At EHESS, Paris, the Information Centre and International Mobility Service (SIMI) provides information about various grants and financing opportunities (private or public, internships, practical information about accommodation, libraries, public transport, student job offers) ( Students and professors are provided with assistance in finding accommodation, including rooms in the university dormitories. In Paris, as it is very difficult to find a flat for a reasonable price, the EHESS, in cooperation with CROUS (Centre régional des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires de Paris) arranges a dormitory room / studio for all students.

In terms of IT, computer rooms are available, and students are provided with an email address on the domain of the university. Free access is given to several libraries of among others the Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme as well as others. Digital Work Environment (ENT) provided and numerous electronic journals and sources available. Student card provides reduction of price for public transport, museums, cinemas, swimming pools. There are many university restaurants with very cheap menus.