Application deadline is the 5th of July 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eligibility period of the Visiting scholar intake of 2019-2021 has been extended until August 31 2022. The number of available scholarship are therefore limited for term 2021-2022.


TEMA+ Consortium is regularly engaging visiting scholars/guest lecturers holding an outstanding academic and/or professional profile. They may come from both Programme (EU) and Partner (non-EU) Countries and their involvement should bring added value to the respected student intake in terms of student-centred teaching/lecturing, research activities, Master thesis support, academic/professional networking, etc.

During the current call for application it is possible to candidate for terms: 

  • Spring 2021-2022
  • Fall 2022-2023       
  • Spring 2023-2023
  • Scholar/guest lecturers’ mobility is considered eligible in the following cases:
    mobility between the partners of the consortium (including to/from associated partners);
    mobility from outside the consortium, in case such mobility is clearly linked to the Master course.
  • A scholar/guest lecturer paid by other EU funding schemes (including other Erasmus+ actions) cannot be considered eligible, nor can their engagement be reported as an EMJMD scholar week. The minimum duration per engagement of a visiting scholar is 4 to 7 consecutive calendar days (= one week =1 teaching unit) and maximum two weeks (two unites). Days of scholar work may include travelling time. NOTE: It is not possible to consider 8 consecutive days as 2 weeks.
  • COVID-19 regulations
  • Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes, it is possible that the national and European regulations will limit physical mobilities. Consequently, the Consortium also accepts scholars for online mobilities.


The scholarship for visiting scholars is 1250 euros for 1 unit and 2500 euros for 2 units. The remuneration of scholars should cover both travel/installation contribution and working fees. The scholarship for online mobilities is calculated by the Consortium based on the number of working days.

The complete scanned documentation must be sent by e-mail to
TEMA+ Secretariat
until 5th of July 2021

Scholar application package must contain the following documents:
1. Completed application form, signed and dated
2. CV in English or in French, with list of publications, including translations and list of taught courses
3. Motivation letter in English or in French (1 to 2 pages)
4. Work project in English or in French (1 to 2 pages)
5. Two samples of publication in English or in French
6. Two references
7. Copy of passport, with validity end date

Please note that incomplete documentations will NOT be taken into consideration. Shortlisted candidates must supply hard copies of the required documents.

The scholar application package is evaluated at the summer meeting by the TEMA+ Pedagogic Council.

Visiting scholar agreements are sent to them by the Consortium Coordinator before their teaching period. Assistance is provided in helping them find suitable accommodation, ranging from university studios to private accommodation. During the guest scholars’ stay, the consortium also organizes meetings with other professors (from other departments, faculties, if the academic interest matches) and visits in the city, museums or cultural institutions.