Language Requirements
As the TEMA+ EMJMD is provided in English and in French, proficiency in these languages is a must.
English & French
To apply, the candidates must dispose of a language certificate of both from English and French: one of them must be of an advanced level and the other may be of a more elementary level, which can be also set out by the candidate's university or department.
Language courses
There will be English and French language courses within the framework of the courses for students who wish to improve their language skills on general topics and specific terminology of the social sciences.
Hungarian, Italian & Czech
The member universities of the TEMA+ Consortium offer Hungarian, Italian, and Czech language and civilization courses designed to ease the students’ integration into the educational and cultural activities of the institution, and into the daily student life.
The TEMA+ EMJMD’s structure and its mobility scheme allow the students to become bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual, as they continue to develop their English and French language skills, and acquire new skills in the language(s) of the host countries.